Quality Excellence Trainer

Quality Excellence Trainer

All sectors, Quality Excellence

Min Exp. 6-10 Years Yrs.

QMSrs Solutions

QMSrs is dedicated to the Quality Excellence profession. We are unique in offering the widest choice from a Pool of Quality professionals.

This is applicable to both the recruitment of Quality staff as well as the outsourcing of Quality Excellence Management to QMSrs with the ability to select the people who can provide the best solution.

Candidates can narrow the search for the appropriate job using many criteria offering the best platform for bringing their profile straight to the client.

We offer a range of courses on Quality, Excellence, Leadership and Management. Examples of which can be viewed on our Training & Development Portal.

Employers can post jobs, view CV's, search CV’s and recruit any quality professional their organisation needs. Click on Recruitment Portal to view jobs.


We are looking for Trainers in Quality & Business Excellence to work with QMSrs brand name offering both UK National Bodies Accredited courses and QMSrs Accredited courses.

Trainers will be able to manage their own schedules, region they wish to operate in, specify their own charge rates and cost of venues they prefer.


QMSrs is expanding its reach to countries throughout the world. We offer a range of courses in Quality, Excellence, Leadership and Management. Examples of which can be viewed on our Training & Development Portal.

Our business model is based on reaching out to Consultants and Trainers in worldwide giving them the platform onto which they can:

1.    Provide their own training material or use QMSrs’

2.    Set their own daily rate

3.    Set their own preferred region

4.    Manage their own schedule to suit their availability

5.    Utilise QMSrs Portals, solutions, and training material

6.    Be visible to clients directly

7.  Continue with mentoring trainees with practice portal

8.    Practice with automated management system portal

If you are an already a successful Quality Consultant, Trainer, mentor or aspiring to become one, then join QMSrs in providing Quality Management automation solutions, Outsourcing of Quality Functions, Training and Consultation services.

If you think you can be a person who can achieve results, then QMSrs is the way to go.

Please apply on line directly under the specific course. We need full details so that our search criteria will help short list the right people. It also gives your profile much higher visibility for other employers.

Apply on Company Recruitment Portal for the specific preferred vacancy in your region of interest.


By working with QMSrs, you will have access to the latest Quality Management Jobs available in "Brand Name" companies. QMSrs offers candidates a wealth of enjoyable experience including but not limited to:

Job Autonomy

Self Employment

Work at your leisure

Revenue according to effort

Long term association with QMSrs clients

Your own charge rate

Access to all QMSrs solutions and benefits setting you aside from competitors

  • Minimum Level Career - Manager
  • Minimum Level Education - BSc/BA
  • Post Category - All sectors
  • Sub category - Quality Excellence
  • Job Type - Freelance
  • Job SubType - Trainer Instructor
  • Job Start Date - Immediate
  • Job Duration - Greater than 6 months
  • Job RateType - Daily
  • Job Min. Rate - 0
  • Job Min. Rate - 0
  • Currency - GBP
  • Document Control
  • Industrial Quality Engineering
  • Problem Solving
  • QMS
  • Minimum Experience in years - 6-10 Years
  • City - al-Khartum
  • State - al-Khartum
  • Country - Sudan
  • ZipCode -
  • Business - QMSrs Ltd is a UK company registered in England (Reg. No. 10509175) with branch offices and representatives in many countries. We are the hub for Quality Excellence Automated Solutions for streamlined Business Process Performance. Our teams are committed to offering you the best solution for your business.
  • Products - Fully Automated Quality Excellence Software Solution with a Navigation infrastructure that sets us apart from all other solution providers. Our products include:Asset ManagementAudit ManagementDocument ManagementChange ControlEmployee WelfareQuality Records ManagementManagement ReviewsProblem ManagementRisk Management
  • Services - Our prime offerings are:1. Fully Automated Business management Governance Solutions2. Resourced Quality Management. We take care of your Management Systems3. Training & Development to build a quality culture with Accredited Training
  • Primary Business - Quality Excellence Solutions Provider
  • Address - London
  • City - London
  • State - London
  • Country - United Kingdom
  • ZipCode - EC1
  • Phone - 00447756366540
  • Fax -
  • Support -